Okay….now this means something to me.

Hunstville, Alabama.

These two words have taken on legendary status in the world of Southern Hospitality ever since we first discovered the sheer dopeness of the music that was pouring from the locale (props to Matthew Africa) a couple of years back. At the time, it inspired me to put a selection of what I’d heard together in one live-ass mix, with no real idea of whom was who or what was what – but damn it pretty much all just sounded so good! Since that time we’ve learnt so much more about Huntsville music (thanks to our main connect Codie G) and have been in a position to support incredible artists like G-Side, The Cole Boyz, G-Mane, Jackie Chain, Untamed, Money Addict, the list could go on… and of course the mighty, mighty production talent of Block Beataz as they just keep on creating the shit that moves us.

This is my follow-up mix, bringing together some of my favourite joints to be released since the time of that original mix (plus a couple of throwback classics) and the tracks that really represent what I personally love about the music outta Huntsville. It’s not a collection of all exclusives, and is certainly not an assemblage of every track that’s come out (these dudes are prolific don’t you know!), but instead is, once again, an all the way live mix of the music that soundtracks my life every damn day! The stuff is magic, for real.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we do…

Huntsville Alabama Pt. 2 – The Return (Welcome Home Big P.O.P.E.)
Mixed Live From SM5 by Rob Breezy for Southern Hospitality

1. ‘Speed Of Sound’ – G-Side
2. ‘Throwed’ – Untamed feat. B Dewitt
3. ‘Eazy’ – G-Mane
4. ‘Da Woodz (Bama Remix)’ – Cole Boyz feat. Bama!
5. ‘Keyshia Cole’ – Paper Route Gangstaz
6. ‘That Lite’ – Untamed feat. Mr. Marcellus
7. ‘Let Me Grind’ – Hood Headlinerz
8. ‘100’ – X.O. feat. Mali Boi and CeeCee
9. ‘Hit Da Block’ – G-Side feat. Shyft
10. ‘Relax’ – Betta Half
11. ‘Born, Bred, Built’ – Money Addict
12. ‘Feel The’ – G-Side
13. ‘M2Z’ – Cole Boyz
14. ‘Think It Over’ – Mr. Marcellus feat. ST
15. ‘Boomerang’ – CP
16. ‘My Promise’ – Dawgy Baggz
17. ‘A Day Off’ – 6 Tre G
18. ‘Pop N Mo’ – Dennis The Menace

Throwback gems:
19. ‘Rock N Roll’ – South P.A.W. feat. CP
20. ‘Pray’ – G-Side feat. Big P.O.P.E.



PS You’ll see on the cover that it also says ‘Welcome Home Big P.O.P.E.’ – and there are two simple reasons for that:

1. As anyone who knows me will attest, I’ve listened to rap music for a long ass time and have heard pretty much every dope rapper in hip-hop history and have opinions on them all. However, the moment I heard Big P.O.P.E. on a track? Dude became my new favourite.

2. He’s home.

PPS Props to ALL supporters of Huntsville Music: The Fader, Giraffo, Burn One, Traps N Trunks, DGB, and the homie Matthew Africa.

PPPS Happy Huntsvegas HumpDay!!!!!