Right, it’s well and truly on. Our favourite Southern rap locale has an official new home in the form of  Huntsville Got Starz – where already you can check out video from loads of Huntsville artists, including classic throwbacks like the one below

… oh yeah, and this

Not to mention a rather informative short film about the city itself!

Basically, all you need to know is that Huntsville is the home of all the incredible music coming from the likes of  G-Side, Block Beattaz, G-Mane, The Cole Boyz, Jackie Chain, 6 Tre G, Untamed, Big Pope, Jhi Ali…damn, the list goes on. However, one dude we can’t forget is Codie G who holds all this shit down – major props every time.

Right, and on that note we’re gonna leave you with some brand new Block Beattaz goodness in the form of ‘Feel The (aka Chris Brown)’ – hit us up if you want the MP3 (which you will).

‘Feel The’ aka Chris Brown – ST, 6 Tre G and AC Burna

[audio: Feel The FINAL dir.mp3]

Check the second verse, where ST pretty much says it all – Slow Motion Soundz are the future for real.