With all the grape-tinted optimism in the world we couldn’t have hoped for a more appropriately dope, fresh-out-the-pokey comeback track from Husalah Selassie. For us, this is one of the, if not the, best Traxamillion productions that we’ve ever heard (and he surely couldn’t have had anyone other than the Mob Figa, and self-professed and hood-verified ghetto olympian, himself in mind when he was concocting this), but also one of the greatest, most slept-on tracks of 2009.

Now we laced you with the original, extended version in the summer, but here’s the shorter, cleaner, but still stupid crazy dope, radio version.

Husalah – ‘Pray For You’ (Radio Version)
[audio:Husalah_-_Pray_For_U_Radio_www.southernhospitality.co.uk.mp3|titles=Pray For You (Radio Version)|artists=Husalah]