SMC Recordings are no joke.

Based in San Francisco, they’ve been doing their damn thing for a hot minute, releasing so many key records during the resurgence of the Bay (Dem Hoodstarz, Bullys Wit Fullys, Messy Marv etc.) that they’ve remained permanently on the Southern Hospitality radar. However, dudes are far from local and the last couple of years have seen them virtually take over the underground we love, releasing incredible albums like Killer Mike’s ‘I Pledge Alliegence To The Grind II’ (which featured some of last years best music full stop – ‘Can You Hear Me’, ‘God In The Building’, ‘2 Sides’), Mistah F.A.B.’s street album ‘Da Baydestrian’ and a true SH favourite in the form of Bay Area supergroup album from Keak, P.S.D. and Messy Marv – ‘Da Bidness’.

’09 looks set to be insane for SMC as they’re already responsible for the very dope Capone N Noreaga reunion album ‘Channel 10’ and it’s ubiquitous lead single ‘Rotate’ (complete with the various remixes), and are gearing up for more Killer Mike action in the form of his ‘Underground Atlanta’ comp, not to mention, ‘Da Bidness 2’. Oh yeah, and what will be their true jewel in the crown aka The Jacka’s ‘Tear Gas’ (which we previewed HERE).  Jacka on SMC? Some things just feel right.

Alongside all this, they’re still pumping out some of the best music of San Quinn’s career, providing Pastor Troy with a home that supports his true vision (more on Troy in a moment), releasing Husalah as one half of the Tonka Boyz (even if Hus himself can’t yet be free) and all the while using the greatest designers in modern rap, Photo Doctor Graphics to make their CDs look as ill as they do! Seriously these were the guys that did most of the Thizz albums, including the forever classic Mac Mall joint  ‘Thizziana Stoned And The Temple Of Shrooms’…I don’t really need to say anymore.

Talking of Thizz though, their latest incarnation is also allied to SMC in the form of Town Thizzness records. Kicking things off with Beeda Weeda’s ‘Da Thizness’ (featured on my own ‘Rider Music 08’ mix), they’ve more recently hit us with Bay legend G-stack’s ‘Dr. Purp Thumb’ and at the back end of last year the already classic ‘Gas Nation’ from J-Stalin.  Which brings us nicely to the first of two new releases out of the SMC stable.


Eddie Projex full length carries on where Stalin left off bringing that new-wave of raw Oakland street music. The producer list may not be household names yet (, but the soundtrack they provide is intense. Projex meanwhile brings the same level of passion that we’ve come accustomed to from Oakland emcees and there are just too many dope tracks to mention including the slapper ‘I’m From Oakland’ and the Town RMX of ‘Breezy As Ever’ with label mates like Beeda Weeda, Jacka, G-Stack, Fabby Davis Jnr. and Bay legend ‘Dru Down’ (word to ‘Can You Feel Me’). The joint below however, is almost like some late 80s ‘Squeeze The Trigger’ or ‘Colors’ era Ice-T, with producer cranking up the menacing bassline and sound effects. As Doug E Fresh said…play this only at night’.

[audio: 05-eddi_projex-on_sight.mp3]

‘On Sight’ – Eddie Projex


Yep, that’s the new Pastor Troy album above, and we’ve been lucky enough to get a preview of it from the lovely Cookie @ SMC. After the hella slept on ‘Tool Musiq’, we can thankfully confirm that the Pastor ain’t softening up anytime soon. Plus he’s once again working with the prodcuers (DJ Squeeky, KP, himself etc.) that can bring that raw emotion out of his rhymes including the hella consistent Drumma Boy on the bonus track below:

[audio: Will He Come Home Tonight – Pastor Troy.mp3]

‘Will He Come Home Tonight’ – Pastor Troy

plus of course the single:

[audio: I Want War – Pastor Troy.mp3]

‘I Want War’ – Pastor Troy

So yeah, in summary it’s pretty straightforward why we’re riding for SMC this year – quality music, quality product and support for the artists’ vision. Simple really.

We’re not finished there, however, as I took the time to bring you all up to speed with a quick mix of some of the choicest cuts from SMC’s recent history. As ever, it’s  all mixed live from SM5…so enjoy!

SMC Recordings Mix – Mixed Live from SM5 by Rob Pursey For Southern Hospitality.

1. ‘God In The Building’ – Killer Mike
2. ‘Crack Baby Anthem’ – Mistah FAB feat. Messy Marv
3. ‘Dope Game’ – Green City feat. Scarface

4. ‘Let The Bass Go’ – Balance
5. ‘Getz Ya Grown Man On’ – Dem Hoodstarz
6. ‘Oakland’ – V. White feat. Casual, E.A.Ski, Too Short, Ant Banks, Eddie P The Neighbourhood
7. ‘Block Movement’ – B-Legit feat. Clyde Carson and Duna
8. ‘Live From The 415’ – Rappin 4 Tay feat. San Quinn, Messy Marv, Big Rich and Seff Tha Gaffla
9. ‘Goodlife’ – Beeda Weeda feat. 1.O.A.K.
10. ‘Don’t Get It Twisted’ – Mr. Capone-E feat. Twista
11. ‘Grandma’s House’ – Killer Mike
12. ‘Look What I’ve Done For Them’ – San Quinn
13. ‘Terrorists In The City’ – Husalah and B-Luv feat. The Jacka
14. ‘Follow The Dollar’ – Capone N Noreaga
15. ‘Orange Juice & A Blunt’ – Bullys Wit Fullys
16. ‘Reinforced Steel’ – San Quinn feat. P.S.D. and Cozmo
17. ‘Laid Back Slap’ – Husalah and B-Luv
18. ‘Burdens Of His Youth’ – P.S.D., Keak Da Sneak and Messy Marv
19. ‘Can’t Judge Me’ – J-Stalin feat. G-Stack
20. ‘Eff The World, We Love Furl’ (R.I.P. Mac Dre) – P.S.D., Keak Da Sneak and Messy Marv

Download HERE
Props to Cookie and @ all SMC – keep up the great work.
We shall now impatiently await ‘Tear Gas’…