Lord Infamous

What was your favourite period musically with Three 6?
There was two good periods. I liked the ‘When The Smoke Clears’ time and the Tear Da Club Up Thugs time, I enjoyed that. Tear Da Club Up Thugs was more of a personal project of mine because with Tear Da Club Up Thugs I did like… a lot of people may not know this but I do a lot of the writing for Three 6, a lot of the choruses for Three 6, and you know Paul and Juicy write they own verses but me, Paul and Juicy mostly come up with all the choruses. And they used to use a lot of my input in most of the songs back when I was like really mainstream with the group but only to the point where I was helping them with a lot of the ideas. They came up with all the music, and Paul would come up with the hooks too, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I did all the writing, but I did a lot of it.

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My brother started the group, you know, and I came up with the name. So me and Paul came up with that together. We came up with the name from an underground song we did, around the first time we met Juicy. I just happened to say that in a rap, like “Triple Six Mafia and a ’44 Mag, infra red and a silencer”. And then when he heard that line he was like: ‘Man that’s cool!’ – so we kept that name.

So what was the story with the Backyard Posse?
That was before Three 6, that was when we was with this cat name Homicide and this dude named Nigga 9 and Gangsta Blac and Lil Fly and all that stuff – some cats outta South Memphis. But that didn’t last long. And we was growing as a group for bigger things so sometimes you have to clean house and make changes.

Did you help out with any of the newer Three 6 tracks when you were in jail?
When I was locked up? No, no, no, no… You know what? When I was locked up I didn’t make one phone call or write one letter. I didn’t want to hear from the outside world ‘cause I would look at the other niggas in there and motherfuckers… if you calling home and calling yo’ bitch every five minutes, it ain’t gon’ make the ho not fuck off on you. If you callin’ home and checkin’ and callin’ niggas, it ain’t gon’ make them come and put money on your books, you know what I’m sayin? You just makin’ it worse ‘cause the more you talk to the outside world, the more you gon’ miss the outside world. So all I did was work out and wrote and did my fuckin’ time. You know you can talk on the phone with her ass all day long but she can be fuckin’ with somebody while she on the phone wit you so [laughs]. So I didn’t worry about those little things.

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Did you get a lot of respect in jail?
Aw yeah, I had no problems. Hell naw, I didn’t have no problems. I always trip off a lot of these rappers. They talk all this tough guy shit but as soon as they ass ‘bout to go to jail they wanna do all kinds of charity events and become philanthropists and talk to kids and shit – you know who I’m talkin’ about because a certain rapper ‘bout to go to the fed right now and now he all on TV talkin’ about guns and this and that.

And another certain rapper, you know what I’m sayin, they wanna be claiming gangs, but when the real gangs catch ‘em out in they city they wanna run, they get scared. So, if you ain’t true to it don’t do it. You know I’m not proud of it but I’ve been to jail a few times in my life and I know how to handle myself. And I’m only 5″5′ so, you know what I’m sayin, these motherfuckers kill me, they talkin’ all that shit but as soon as they see it’s real, as soon as they don’t get no bond, and they ass got to stay in jail and they got to do some time, they bitch out. Or they be in they pen for protection and shit like that.

Before you dropped your last solo album, ‘The Man, The Myth, The Legacy’, it seemed like you were going through some personal problems, would you care to share anything you learned from that period?
[Laughs] Yeah, I learned run a little faster this time [laughs]. Being serious, I’ll put it this way, if you gonna… it’s no secret that I get high, right?

It’s no secret, ok. Like ol’ folks in the south say: ‘It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it’. I just got to be a little more cool. I just got to be not so fucked up in certain situations where there’s gonna be police around and I have so many drugs on me. Let me keep it real witcha, I still get high, but not as high all the time, I’ll put it that way.

Is it still ‘always Coca Cola’?
[Laughs] Ahh, you know it [laughs]. But, you know, me I’m not much of a coke man as much any more, I’m a prescription drug kinda dude. I like Oxycottons and patches that are kinda like Morphine suckers, and I like yellow, I like ‘Tuss and that. I’m not a big ecstasy guy. I know that’s big out there where you from but y’all got better X out there ‘cause y’all get your shit from Amsterdam. The X out here is bullshit. Like back in the day, back in the late ‘90s and 2000, the X was wonderful. You could roll 24 hours, but now this shit man you might be rollin’ 15 minutes and then you just can’t sleep afterwards, you know?

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You know a lot of the artists that have come and gone from Paul and Juicy’s inner circle have gravitated towards the New Prophet Posse. Do you feel like the Memphis underground is making a bit of a resurgence at the moment?
They not real. That’s the fake-ass Prophet Posse. You know I did something with him, the dude named Nick Scarfo. Let me tell you the truth about him, the only reason I did a song with them was that I didn’t want them to fuck up the Prophet Posse name. But he fuckin’ it up, he’s not taking care of his artists correctly, he’s not doing it right and the only reason he’s got the Prophet Posse from us anyway is because a long time ago he so-called invested in the label. So when we came to Hypnotize Minds we let him get that, but you know we thought he was cool but really he wasn’t cool.

He’s a sheisty-ass nigga. He ain’t cool, I don’t fuck with him. The members of Prophet Posse, they cool, I don’t blame them for what one asshole’s doing. Scarfo himself, he’s not cool. Let your fans know this, they have nothing to do with Three 6 Mafia. They have nothing to do with the old Prophet Posse. And you may hear Gangsta Boo and her ass on that shit. You may even hear one verse he probably got from me but that’s only because I helped invent Prophet Posse. I helped invent that name Prophet Posse, so I hate to see them take something that I did and make a mockery of it. So I did a collaboration with him but knowing what I know now, in hindsight I wouldn’t have did it. He fuckin’ it up anyway. But they have nothing to do with Three 6. They have nothing to do with Hypnotize Minds. Let that be known.

And recently you’ve been doing a lot of work with T-Rock, who has previously dissed you for your old drug habits…
I can understand it, ‘cause with T-Rock, at least he did it like a man. You know, we had a fallin’ out, and the whole fallin’ out with T-Rock was between him and this other cat, I’m not gonna mention his name, and he was startin’ a whole lot of shit between us and T-Rock. So T-Rock went his way and he did some things. We handled it in the street, you know what I’m sayin’, and you know after that we squashed the shit and now everything cool. I ain’t the type of motherfucker that hold a grudge as long as you handle it like a man. If I see you in the street and you handle it like a man with me… you know, we got him up in the street and we did our thing and we had it out. You know, there was winners, there was losers, so I’m not gonna say who won or who lost but people know [laughs].

But T-Rock, he didn’t hold no grudge, he took it like a man, so therefore I’m cool with him. You know T-Rock is a very lyrical guy, he’s real gifted, he’s skilled, you know what I’m sayin’? And it’s about business, you know? This is a business. People get it confused. At the end of the day, when motherfuckers get through dissin’ and talkin’ shit this is a business. The only reason people diss is because they intimidated by another artist. They intimidated that you gon’ take their sales and take their fans so they diss ‘em to try to lower they credibility and make ‘em look like they pussies in the street to fuck they street credibility ‘cause once you a gangsta rapper and someone fuck with your street credibility your career’s over with. So if you wanna be like Chris Brown, be like Chris Brown, but don’t talk that gangsta shit if you ain’t a gangsta.

How do you feel about artists…
This is Paul texting me now… but anyway, say it again.

How do you feel about artists like Kia Shine…
I don’t like him.

I mean, how do you feel about artists like Kia Shine who are from Tennessee but are using a more generic ATL sound?
Right, right, right, but then he wanna claim Memphis. Motherfuckers like him and Yo Gotti kill me because the simple fact is those motherfuckers used to wanna be like us, they used to want autographs from us, they used to come to our studios trying to get us to sign them. Then they wanna make records to try to diss us. What you sayin’ motherfuckers? You used to be on our dick. So the same motherfuckers that wanna be like us make songs about us and then they shit flop ‘cause they tried to go commercial and shit. They tryin’ to sound like everybody else. But I’m not gon’ lie, there’s a lot of shit that reminds me of Memphis shit but I’m not gon’ hate on it. Whatever works for them. As far as them tryin’ to sound like Atlanta rappers, well there’s a lot of Atlanta rappers tryin’ to sound like Memphis rappers so I can’t knock nobody for that… But as a human being I don’t like his ass.

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Are there any former HCP artists that you can’t make amends with?
You know what, I can make amends with all of them because I don’t let that bullshit get to me, but me and Boo don’t get along that great. We have trouble getting along. I got love for Crunchy, I got love for Koop, I got love for Gangsta Blac, but Boo, she just got some kind of chip on her shoulder. And she can be a little bitch sometimes. She wants to be more than what the fuck she is but that’s the reason she fucked up with the group – she thought she was like the Lil Kim of Three 6 Mafia but she was far from that and she got mad because her little solo album didn’t sell. She a hater, you know?

What about Chat?
That’s my girl. I love Chat. Chat’s a cool mu’fucker. Now Chat was originally with us from Mystic Styles but she had a jealous-ass boyfriend. So Chat was with us from the beginning, but she had went away but then she came back. Then Koch Records fucked some shit up for her and then like she got mad but Chat has always been cool.

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Have you heard much of Paul’s album?
Yeah, I hear everything they do. You know I told Paul the other day, I’m not a big ‘Lolli Lolli’ fan because that’s not the kind of shit I’m used to doing with them, but then he told me it sold two million just in ringtones so I said: ‘Well I respect that then’ [laughs]. I respect that. I got kinda jealous [laughs].

How likely is it that you’ll do something underground with Paul?
Very likely, he just got through texting me while I was on the phone with you so very much likely.

How do you feel Memphis was represented on Hustle & Flow?
I feel Memphis wasn’t represented right on Hustle & Flow. I think they did a good job with the movie but it didn’t capture Memphis. It ain’t that easy to get a little hit here, it ain’t that easy to get a little studio and just make a little song like ‘Whoop that trick, whoop that trick’ – even though we made all that music but it ain’t that simple, it don’t work that way.

Certain parts of Memphis is like that but it’s not like that. I’m glad they came here and I’m glad they picked us and I’m proud of the project but I just feel like it coulda captured a deeper essence of Memphis. They made us seem like we just some simple country bumpkins. Memphis is much more complex than that. This is a major metropolitan city, people don’t realise it but this is not just a bunch of people with lawnmowers and cotton fields and raggedy houses and shit [laughs]. It’s much more than that.

Who are your top five Memphis rappers of all time?
Paul, Eightball and MJG, I’ma add me ‘cause I feel like I’m one of the good ones, and I’ma say Skinny Pimp.

What’s Black Rain Ent got planned for 2009?
Me and T-Rock and II Tone supposed to be doing a project, and we’re gonna work on a II Tone solo album, a Mac Montese solo album possibly in the future, and I’m looking for artists right now.

RIP to Juanita Beauregard, mother of two reigning kings of Memphis, from the whole Southern Hospitality family.

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