We’re always on the hunt for new underground Bay artists, especially ones with dirty, weird ass beats and a hefty dose of slap, and Flaco has come up heavy on our radar these past couple of weeks so we felt the urge to share the goodness.

And like so many of our favourite artists, Flaco hails from Oakland, so the fact that these tracks hit harder than the new and improved, belt-snatching Lyoto ‘The Dragon’ Machida should be no surprise to true Southern Hospitality heads. Enjoy!

Flaco Racks – ‘That’s My Name’ from ‘Talk Money Or Don’t Talk’
[audio:Thats_my_name.mp3|titles=That’s My Name|artists=Flaco]

Flaco Racks – ‘Stupid Dope Clean’ from ‘Talk Money Or Don’t Talk’
[audio:Stupid_dope_clean.mp3|titles=Stupid Dope Clean|artists=Flaco]

Flaco Racks & Yogi – ‘New Route’ from ‘Lamborghini Lifestyle’
[audio:New_route.mp3|titles=New Route|artists=Flaco and Yogi]

Flaco Racks – ‘Flyest Niggas Out’ from ‘Talk Money Or Don’t Talk’
[audio:Flyest_niggas_out.mp3|titles=Flyest Niggas Out|artists=Flaco]

And check this interview/mini-documentary with the man himself, where he goes deep about life in the mighty mighty Bay Area!

Props to the one and only Bay Hustla for the heads up!