“We have a saying in the south: a closed mouth don’t get fed. Meaning, if you don’t say something how will someone know?” explains Slow Motion Soundz point guard Codie G when asked how the label’s first intern, North Carolina producer R.Dot, got down with the team.

The Greensboro producer met Huntsville’s elite at the recent G-Side/DB49/Jackie Chain show in his home town. And in a course of history-changing example of putting one’s proverbials on the table, he asked, as Codie continues, “to come down to Bama after us just meeting one night, hearing the beats and kicking it at an afterparty. A few months later he part of the family.”

“And not on business, but a real organic motion. It’s like R.Dot was supposed to be a part of what we are doing, if that make sense. He has his own sound but it fits in with the root of what Slow Motion Soundz is – thematic. I think it’s a great example of a taking a chance and showing persistence type story.”

Our first introduction to the young producer’s sound was on G-Side‘s space-age wind gust Back 2 The Future (check the video here also). “And it’s more than just his production. He taking photos and does some editing. He’s helping behind the scenes, the whole nine. R. Dot also brings validity to our intern programme. Our next intern is coming in from Sweden next March.”

So as we impatiently wait to hear what R.Dot is cooking up over at the Speed Of Sound, Sound Engineering Facility in Huntsville, Southern Hospitality is proud to present these two seriously impressive remixes: where he fully reconstructs ‘A Milli’ and if you didn’t know his rework of Jay’s ‘Party Life’ was a remix you’d think they were in the studio together.

Enjoy. And watch out for R.Dot.

Lil Wayne – ‘A Milli (IvyLeague Remix)’ Prod. By R.Dot
[audio:Lil Wayne-A Milli (Ivyleague Remix)_www.southernhospitality.co.uk.mp3|titles=A Milli – IvyLeague Remix|artists=Lil Wayne]

Jay-Z – ‘Party Life (IvyLeague Remix)’ Prod. By R.Dot
[audio:Jay-Z-Party Life (IvyLeague Remix)_www.southernhospitality.co.uk.mp3|titles=Party Life – IvyLeague Remix|artists=Jay-Z]