One of the main reasons we’ve been writing about Issue‘s music pretty much since he started making it is his palpable love for the simple pleasures in his self-contained world (cars, tea, making music about cars and tea) and the ability to resist convention. Both of these things are prevalent in the first single, produced by Soufien3000 and featuring Murs, from his forthcoming ‘Waves Of Italy’ album.

Having expressed his love for cars sonically over several mixtapes (Mopar, Moonroof Pts 1 and 2) now we get a totally based, unconventionally and refreshingly simplistic video (directed by Kevin El Amrani) to express his obsession with expensive Italian cars. So good. And so Issue. We’re very ready for more videos from the Teaholics camp.

Enjoy. And read our exclusive Conversation with Issue from December last year.