Some music's made for the club, other music's made for the car, ISSUE's music is made for that point just before you're fully asleep and a long time after you're fully awake. More specifically, mixtape title of the year contender 'Moonroof' might just be E-40's son's and Droop-E's brother's most sonically mature work to date, leading you to a dream-like state where you're driving down an endless pitch black highway with sights, sounds and feels not unlike a combo of classic Sega titles Outrun and Syndicate. ISSUE's rapping style is as mellow as it's possible to be while still being classed as rapping. It's also unbelievably warm and sensitive, and the way he adlibs and overdubs his vocals gives everything an extra dimension. But most of all listening to ISSUE's work is like viewing a showing of the works of Picasso's grandson. This is a work of art from a member of one of rap's truly legendary families.

Download: ISSUE – 'Moonroof' (Mixtape)