Having spent several weeks hypnotised by ISSUE's mind-meltingly cohesive Moonroof project, the son and brother of legends takes another assured step towards legendary status himself by moving us onto 'PIG', which features production from Baltimore club music's crunkest Schwarz, frequent Green Ova collaborator Giorgio Mo Murda, sonic wormhole architect Babe Rainbow and his damn self. Most notable, however, is a feature from former Interscope signee, British national treasure and all round musical genius Akira The Don on 'The Lambourghini' – the chemistry between the pair is so palpable we're hoping and trusting this won't be the last time we hear them on a song together. And we say this fully aware that the mixtape also includes features from Droop-E, Murs and David Gilmour. Enter the PIG.   

Download: ISSUE – 'PIG' (Mixtape)