Visitors to Southern Hospitality will know how much we love us some good old Rap & Bullshit. Sometimes nothing else will do, and by sometimes we mean most of the damn time. However, especially when we’re partying with our longtime homie J.Bo who we’ve collaborated with on this mix. In fact, such an authority on Rap & B. we’re gonna let the man explain himself:

“The long overdue collaboration between J.Bo and Southern Hospitality has been a true labour of love, just over a year in the making… and even now, the only way to agree to a final tracklisting was to start planning volume 2 (and 3!) immediately.  A representation of one of our favourite sub-genres of all, these are the jiggy jams that brought fun and females back to the clubs.  Featuring such luminaries of the genre as Fabo, Jigga, Kells, Luda and Diddy in a musical celebration of all that is trite and trivial, frivolous and flagrant.  If the Fresh Prince is still looking for “a groove that soothes and moves romance” this ‘Summertime’ then here are 22 of em.  Long live “Rap & Bullshit”.”


So there you have it, couldn’t have put it better myself.




Once again mega-props to Superix, on not only the mixing and editing skills, but also the super-fresh artwork and all round getting this release to completion!