It’s a celebration! Our good homie and extended SH family, J.Bo (whom we collaborated with on both ‘Rap & Bullshit 101’ and ‘We Miss The ROC’ – that you’ll see if you look to the right of the site) is one year strong with his awesome blog J.Bo Tapes. Before we let the man himself explain why he started compiling this site of incredible music, we gotta just say that anyone who actually knows J.Bo knows that this dude has lived every minute of the music featured. “If you’re holding up the wall then you’re missing the point” is a line that’s NEVER applied to the man and you know if he’s up in your party, then that party’s gonna get that bit more live! Anyway, here’s what he had to say about it:

“Believe it or not, I am not generally someone for reminiscing.  Like Southern Hospitality, I know that music never stops and you have to keep embracing the latest thing, be it bass music from the UK or The Bay.  I have passed through the ever evolving scenes from Hardcore to Jungle to Drum & Bass to Garage to Grime to Broken Beat to UK Funky to Bassline to Dupstep (UK always runnin tings)… and have countless life changing memories from along the way.  As any other music junkie out there knows, collecting all this music used to take a lot of space – records, cds… and TAPES.  Needing a clear out, I came across hundreds of tapes that I hadn’t listened to in years.  Some of them were way too special to throw out so I tried to find the mixes for download on the net.  Not only could I not find them, I found forums full of people begging for them.  I decided it was time to give back to the internet and J.Bo Tapes was born to preserve my personal musical memories and also share them with those that weren’t lucky enough to be there at the time.  Its been a big first year for the site, with about 30 mixes available for free download (I spend an ungodly amount of time cleaning the audio so can’t release faster) all from the 1990s before MiniDisc, CDR and MP3 were widespread and the TDK SA90 was all powerful.”

Life Changing Tape #1 – the moment that acid house started to morph into something darker, looking back you can hear the proto-jungle riddims but at the time we had no idea.

J.Bo Tape #3: Grooverider & MC Motormouth @ Organik, Leeds Uni – 25Apr1992

Life Changing Tape #2 – much of my Drum & Bass education came from bristol radio and Roni Size’s Full Cycle crew, this mix is HUGE… and is far and away the most downloaded mix on the site too.

J.Bo Tape #15: Roni Size & Krust – Full Cycle Show – Galaxy 101FM – 24Nov1994 ***EXCLUSIVE***

Life Changing Tape #3 – this is the tape that actually inspired the site, the moment that Drum & Bass hit the mainstream with a seven week run on national radio for the first time ever… we felt like we had arrived for real.

J.Bo Tape #1A: Goldie & MC GQ – One In The Jungle – 20Jul1995 ***EXCLUSIVE***


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So thurr you have it. Hit the links and get familiar with one of the best blogs on the net and one of the best guys around.