From now on Jimmy Heart’s groundbreaking online window into the heart of Huntsvegas will be streaming live every Wednesday at 8pm Central 9pm Eastern right here. And because it’s live, it’s even liver! So you can expect more videos, more interviews (this week it’s Freeze and the living legend Codie G.I.H.A.D.), more freestyles (this week it’s ST 2 Lettaz!) and just more sheer madness (Jimmy takes his shirt off) live and uncut every Wednesday. Plus, it’s timed perfectly so you can immediately flip over to East Village Radio and hear the homies at Baller’s Eve Radio: J. Dirrt, Kat Daddy Slim, Minsky Walker and Sergio Vega, go at it and bring you all the latest heat from the bottom. Until then though, peep last night’s episode, which is on loop and should work by simply clicking the ‘on’ button above. Enjoy!