New Boyz

Mad love to our Swedish homie Juicemane Hugo, or Juicemannen Hugo if you wanna get Swinglish with it! Those of you that have been feverishly stockpiling all the latest freshly-leaked jerkin tracks from Digital Dripped will probably be having the same problems as us, ie. there’s literally hundreds of them and not enough hours in a day to filter them down!

Well thankfully Hugo’s done that for us and slapped together a nicely sequenced compilation for dat azz! Now bump this shit like it’s going out of fashion, before it goes out of fashion!

VA Juice Mannen Hugo – Juicemane Jerkin Or Whatever 2009

1. New Boys – Your A Jerk
2. Baby Dolllz – Boyz In Skinny Jeans
3. Zar (of The Scrapper Boyz) – In My Mind
4. YoungD – Medicine
5. Tha Clikk/M.O.B. Boyz – I Need It
6. TF – Drunkin Slut
7. Shay – Came Here To Ball
8. T. City – Real Good ft Shay
9. Authentic – Get It Jerk
10. The Bangz – We Jerkin
11. Da Magican – Bayk Jerk 5-24
12. Julian – Do It Dont Stop
13. Kannon Ball – Jerkin On Special (Sab Boyz)
14. SB Kali – Jerk 2 The Beat
15. Rapper From Lakewood – Jiggle N Work ft WA Looney Toonz City, Yg
16. RadioAktive – Rock Skinny Jeans
17. High Frequency – Money iNeed
18. Gutta aka Trilla – Dodo Brown ft Tika
19. The Bangz – We Jerkin (Remix) ft YG & Ty
20. The Dudez – RIIPE ft Lil Wayne
21. Big Ant aka Mr. Slapper – No Hoe ft K. Tazz
22. Bit Ant aka Mr. Slapper – Wetta Than A G Spot ft Sirealz, Blapstar And DennyBo