From their early years below the underground, to their more recent work just below the overground and even more recent time way over the underground and in Hollyhood, Paul and Juice have always exuded an air of militant isolationism and a strong sense of being above their peers that wasn’t limited to their just being better at music, but extended to them seemingly not dealing with the people around them and not taking shots at the people taking shots at them (or at least for the most part not naming names when they did).

But now, amid their most recent and certainly vast month-on-month output to date (where production quantities increased without affecting the trademark Super Producers’ quality control), and in this case another example of bare-faced viciousness and gun-totingness, Juicy J, a towering behooded in-all-black Pat and the New Memphis line-up of the above-mentioned posse cut part players, in just appearing together, give off the feeling that those once isolated geniuses are embracing their surroundings. Long-time fans will also find comfort in Pat and ex-Kim of the click Gangsta Boo patching things up on Twitter, offering a glint of a glimpse of light at the end of the potential Three 6 reunion tunnel.

Oh, and even though Juice has the bigger gun, V-Slash is still the hardest individual breathing.