I met Juttla a few years ago when I was writing a big piece on Wolverhampton’s Wolftown Recordings for HHC and he was just a nice, laid-back, humble dude who also happens to be extremely handy on the buttons in any genre. This time it’s a dubstep ting, and the results are very strong to very, very strong. So shouts to Juttla and the big homie Tricksta for sending this over and allowing us to offer it to our readers free of charge. If you’re interested in working with Juttla hit up Adam Richards on adamrichards_epr@yahoo.co.uk. Enjoy!

‘At War With Satan’
Eastern Pressure Records

01. Ramp With Me
02. The Spy
03. Little Problem
04. Sub Zero
05. Lock Down
06. Inner Soul
07. Dub Dragon
08. Kush
09. Deception
10. Stoned Under The Carpet
11. Khaki Brown
12. The Third Eye
13. Stalker
14. Distant Aura’s