We won't pretend to be anything less than unconditionally thrilled, entertained, proud and heartened at this monumental moment in East Oakland-born, LA-residing Kreayshawn's potentially fathomless career in music. Ever since we first caught her even-then-brilliant 2009 amateur videos, DB The Muh'fuckin General freestyle clips and genuinely rare, vintage Lil B based freestyle works, it was clear that Kreayshawn would be at the forefront of the business of creating for the foreseeable future. 

Nowadays, you might find her hanging with Soulja Boy, Andy Milonakis and or any number of Odd Future members, but probably definitely with her WGM (White Girl Mob) sisters V-Nasty (another stone-cold Southern Hospitality favourite) and Lil Debbie, and LA-based art goon slash rapper Speak. But despite being surrounded by some of the most exciting, buzzed-about living artists, Kreayshawn still manages to completely own her own style of rap.

Her official second single and follow-up to the infectious Adeptus-produced Bumpin Bumpin, which it samples, is without question one of the straight up dopest rap songs of the past few years. From the insanely, potentially illegally, addictive hook (which has been hardwired into our very being since we were sent the track last year and reinvigorated when we caught her perform the song live at SXSW in March) to the punchline-stacked verses that are all, without exception, highly practical, quotable hashtag sayings in their own right, 'Gucci Gucci' is the one that will propel the artist born Natassia Toloz to the next level.