The problem with writing about Birmingham’s next to blow, Lady Leshurr, and supplying audio, is that as soon as the track starts you’re likely to forget all concept of what you just read. But just to get it on record, and to contextualise what seems to be happening here: on the backdrop of such opinion-splitting examples of female fire-spitters such as Nicki Minaj’s off-kilter, off-globe freestyle performance and La Chat’s undeniable invasion of the trap rap scene (where in one semi-recycled verse the former HCP murderess managed to downgrade one of the Atlanta underground’s most crunk), what you hope is happening is a correction to the status quo – from NY to Memphis to Brum.

Lady Leshurr – ‘Slow Flow’
[audio:05 Slow|titles=Slow Flow|artists=Lady Leshurr]

Couldn’t hit you with just the one…

Lady Leshurr – ‘Wheatabix Ling’
[audio:06 Wheatabix|titles=Wheatabix Ling|artists=Lady Leshurr]

Ok, we give up. Here’s the full, free mixtape The Last Second. And here’s Lady L’s latest video for ‘Divas Getting Money’.

Southern Hospitality would actually recommend taking a break now. Feel free to navigate away from this page, bookmark us, whatever. Or if you’re a real sucker for being blown away by some of the rawest freestyle performances in recorded history, scroll down and press play for Ladies Night On Westwood. The one at the start? That’s Lady Chann.