Here’s the second video from Pat and Juicy’s upcoming DJ Drama mixtape ‘Play Me Some Pimpin Mane 2’, this time with a little help from M-Town up and comer Lil Reno. Juicy and Kel on the beat, and if you didn’t already know this video should lead you closer to the belief that Project Pat is, and has been for many years now, one of the best doing it.

To further support that assertion, we present to you a highlight from DJ Fanatic’s ‘Tennessey Kingpin’ mixtape (a must-cop for any Project fan). Now we usually don’t mess with DJ versions, but DJ Fatality, like DJ Black and DJ C-Wiz, is a Memphis DJ who does something extra with his tapes. Just listen.

Project Pat ft. Juicy J – ‘Get My Respect’
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