The Mixtape Weezy is once again alive and kicking in the run-up to ‘Rebirth’. November is gonna be a hot month for Cash Money and rap in general with Wayne and Young Money dropping on the same day, but in the meantime it’s glimpses of the Weezy we love like the introspection of ‘Feels So Right’ and the straight-ahead bounce of ‘Two Four’ that’ll tide us over. Not to mention the Young Money¬†version of¬†Guy’s ‘Let’s Chill’ which confirms, if you didn’t already know, that they’re the ’09 Junior Mafia, for real. Young Moooolaaah Baby!

Lil Wayne – ‘The Leak Reloaded’

1. Soo-Woop
2. I Get It In featuring Omarion
3. We Like Cars
4. Salute featuring Fabolous
5. Play In My Band
6. Invasion
7. Million Dollar Baby featuring DJ Drama
8. I’m Feeling Myself
9. Sharp featuring Rick Ross
10. I’m Gone Get It
11. I Told Ya’ll
12. It’s Not Love
13. Southside featuring Birdman
14. Two Four
15. Let’s Chill featuring Young Money
16. A Week Long
17. From The Side
18. Feels So Right
19. Let Me HIt That
20. She Know What She Wants