Lil Wyte

Lil Wyte is a real rarity in rap. He’s been a Hypnotize Minds artist, that most fragile of titles (basically, as DJ Paul has repeated again and again: “Don’t bite the motherfuckin’ dick that feed you”), for over six years having been scouted by Paul and Juice for the killer material he put out with the Shelby Forest Click. And album after album he’s just got more comfortable at being basically the crunkest motherfucker on earth. After his insanely banging first single, here’s a taste of what the whole The Bad Influence album sounds like. This is a remake of his classic prescription drugs ode Oxy Cotton.

Lil Wyte – ‘Oxy Cotton’
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And big shout out to Dre’matic for drawing our attention to this video of Juice going ham. This is why these dudes are some of the realest in the business.