When he’s not dancing, DJing or producing, the most exciting thing to come from Montreal since someone decided to put fries, cheese curds and gravy in a bowl and call it poutine is dancing while DJing his own productions, as displayed hella cinematically in this mini-documentary shot by Shot By JFK. Named after his just-released, highly-charting Stacker Upper EP, out now on the Scotland-based artist collective LuckyMe, the film features footage from this year’s Igloofest, where Quebecers rave in the snow like it’s nothing. Watch this.

And if you haven’t already, make sure you check out Lunice’s hip-hop debut Bus Stop Jazz, out now on Southern Hospitality, available on iTunes and Amazon, and playlisted on Kiss FM, NME Radio and Space Invaders Radio to name just a few. Enjoy.