For the last 18 months, the West Midlands StayFresh conglomerate have been pounding the UK grime scene with release after release from artist after aritst with a pace and force we'd comfortably liken to No Limit or Hypnotize Minds. So it was both heartening and unsurprising when we learned that the StayFresh bosses Jamie Dred and Despa are hardcore Three 6 fans (mention the words Project and Pat in the same sentence to Despa and legend has it he'll finish 100 push-ups mid-convo). Knowing this, we were counting the days until they'd pair one of their rappers with a producer who could deliver something Paul and Juicy hard with a UK twist. That pairing is Movez and Screama. And it's frighteningly good. Buckle up. 

You can cop the official single and remix pack for the ridiculously catchy Wolverhampton anthem WV Make Dough right here. 'Hard Shit Vol. 1' is a free promo release. A full-length version will be available in June. 

Download: Movez & Screama – 'Hard Shit Vol. 1' (Mixtape)