When I think of Mr. Lee I think of The South. More importantly when I think of Mr. Lee I think of hundreds of my personal favourite records. Perhaps most importantly when I think of Mr. Lee, I think of a true legend behind the boards who needs celebrating way more for his incredible body of work. Hence the title for this mix, my homage to Mr. Lee, a man who is truly the most underrated.

Firstly I’ve got to say once again that I coulda made 3 or 4 volumes of this without breaking sweat, so tight is the quality control of his work (and so extensive is his catalogue!). Secondly, I tried to represent most of the eras of his career, from his work in the 90s with 5th Ward Boyz etc. to more recent stone cold classics like ‘You’re Everything’ for Bun B. Thirdly, despite my claim that Mr. Lee embodies The South, I also wanted to represent the fact that he’s blessed the West Coast and Midwest with countless gems, from Yukmouth and The Outlawz to Do Or Die and Bizzy Bone and Twista. Also, I’ve got to add that possibly the most difficult decision was which of his numerous, classic Z-Ro tracks to include. I mean, the pairing of Lee and Ro? Untouchable.

Probably what I love most about Mr. Lee’s production is the fact that whilst every track will knock the hell out of your system, the guy is so musical, giving each record a timeless quality, making records like ‘Win Lose Or Draw’ for Scarface age like a fine ass wine. Rap-A-Lot have had Mr. Lee as their go to producer for years and that pretty much tells you all you need to know. One of the greatest rap labels of all time has been powered in a large part by the beats of this man. Respect is due freal.

Basically, if this is your introduction to Mr. Lee aka ‘The Texas Trackstar’, or you’re a commited fan like myself, or you’re even like “Well, damn…I didn’t know he did ALL of those?!!”, well then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this dedication to one of the best to ever do it…and still doing it! Check the credits…



01. Woah – A.B.N. feat. Jay’Ton and Lil Boss
02. Overstand Me – Pimp C feat. Trae and Chamilliionaire
03. Money – Bizzy Bone feat. Twista
04. Playboi – Yukmouth feat. Danica ‘The Morning Star’
05. Man I’m A G – Boss Hogg Outlawz
06. Get Throwed – Bun B feat. Pimp C, Z-Ro, Young Jeezy and Jay-Z
07. Diamonds – Slim Thug
08. 2 Real – UGK feat. Mr 3-2
09. Victory – Do Or Die
10. Fuck You – The Luniz and C-Bo
11. Black Jesus – 2Pac and The Outlawz
12. Gangsta (Put Me Down) – The Geto Boys
13. One Day At A Time – Devin The Dude feat. K-Dee and KB
14. Everyday – Z-Ro feat. Trae of G-Maab
15. Give my Last Breathe – Trae
16. Ain’t No Mistaken (Danger Pt. II) – Big Tuck feat. Erykah Badu
17. You’re Everything – Bun B feat. Rick Ross, David Banner and 8Ball & MJG
18. Sippin’ The Barre – Paul Wall
19. Hollywood – 5th Ward Boyz
20. Win Lose Or Draw – Scarface
21. Mo City Don – Z-Ro
22. Wish You Well – Lil Keke, Coota Bang and Archie Lee

Follow the great Mr. Lee on Twitter @Mr_Lee713  and check out this video showcasing ALL his work here – mindblowing.

AS EVER…props go out to the design/editing maestro Superix for another incredible cover and all the help in getting this mix together!