As if the last post, and the dozens of others over the past several months, wasn’t enough proof that Bama is a hotbed of burgeoning talent, Mr Marcellus hits us with this banger, featuring none other than G-Sider Mr ST 2 Lettaz, ie one of the most slept-on emcees doing it right now, and produced by PT, who according to Codie G is a “Block Beatter In Training”. Could there be any better co-sign than that? Enjoy!


ROB’S EDIT: Right…it’s pretty obvious we’ve got mad love for ‘Bama right now, but they’ve now taken my personal devotion to the next level with this shit! Anyone who knows me well, knows what a ridiculously HUGE Bobby Womack fan I am – and right here they’ve sampled a Top 5 Bobby W. jam. Bobby breaks it down like few others can. Major props to producer PT for flipping this…here’s the original

‘Woman’s Gotta Have It’ – Bobby Womack

For good measure, here’s an alternative Bobby Womack “Think It Over” break if we need a remix of this joint! This may actually be my Number One Bobby W. Jam, in fact.

‘That’s The Way I Feel About’Cha’ – Bobby Womack

PS. Pic taken from behind the scenes of G-Side’s ‘My Aura’ off the upcoming ‘Huntsville International’ project coming soon… Get excited because anticipating this shit is half the fun (until it drops and changes your whole perspective on life!).

UPDATE: And here’s the behind the scenes video!