That other legendary Texas rap duo Mr Pookie & Mr Lucci have just released 10th Anniversary: Tha Classicc on Stoney Crook Records to relatively little commotion (something Noz alluded to in his exceptional piece on Bun and Premo) considering Pookie’s ‘Tha Rippla’ LP, as well as featuring one of the best smoking songs of all time, is Dallas’s best-selling independent rap album to date.

The new album is a mix of more contemporary sounding Texas bangers and the kind of tracks you’d expect to hear Huntsville’s Jhi Ali on like the below example. We’d highly recommend you check out the album.

Mr Pookie & Mr Lucci – ‘How Can I’
[audio:17-mr._pookie_and_mr._lucci-how_can_i.mp3|titles=How Can I|artists=Mr Pookie and Mr Lucci]

Bonus videos:

Pookie & Lucci die-hards will flip over this re-up of their classic ‘Crook For Life’, easily one of their greatest tracks…

Here, Big Doughski G pays tribute to K-Roc, Mr. Pookie and Mr. Lucci and reminisces about 1998 – the year the Stoney Crook boys broke the Dallas scene – in this remake of the old crook jam ‘Glass House’.

Accompanying the new album is a DVD documentary of Mr Pookie & Mr Lucci and the Dallas rap scene. Another reason to cop the CD. This is the trailer.

This track is a preview from Mr Pookie’s forthcoming solo album ‘Ventation Of A Crook’, the best project title we’ve heard since Monster‘s ‘Gutta Gangsta Gutta’…

…although he doesn’t vent much in this hilarious non-interview before gassing the track ‘Undisputed’.