Within around 19 hours, what couldn’t have been much more than 100 tickets for Odd Future‘s debut UK show were gone. West London label The Young Turks (The xx, SBTRKT, Holy Fuck) chose Stoke Newington pub-basement club The Drop as the setting for Tyler, Mike G, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain to perform to an intimate gathering of Wolf Gang diehards. The crew parted the crowd and rushed the stage to chants of “SWAG” – a surreal, but reassuring confirmation that the music and movement had travelled well and fast. And on-stage, they were electric for all of the short, but satiating 30-minute set (all the venue would allow according to Tyler).

Hodgy Beats held the stage and speaker-tops down like all three members of Onyx rolled into one, effectively claiming the number two spot in the 10-member crew, while leader Tyler played the central role, busting out trademark crazed facial expressions one minute, rhino-rushing the front row and forming a mosh pit the next, before puffing on his inhaler. Left Brain and Mike G held it down too, and OF’s in-house producer/engineer Syd, the group’s only female member, cooled to stage-left, mouthing lyrics and pumping fists in her own distinct, enchantingly subdued world, bringing some grounding to the pandemonium that everyone in the room would have felt was worth far more than the fiver they paid. With shows lined up from the east to the west coast, and further European dates surely not too far off, London probably won’t have to wait long until the OFWGKTA collective is back. Until then though, enjoy the video, and plunder their discography over at Oddfuture.com.