Now this really is something special.

Brilliantly curated music blog OG Mattress and Huntsville record label Slow Motion Soundz have come together to bring us a truly historic piece of Alabama rap history.

G-Side’s sophomore ‘Starshipz & Rocketz’ is without question one of our most cherished rap albums and represents the pinnacle of the Block Beattaz production sound and feel.

Hearing the music (more or less) vocal-less, as we do on this Block Beattaz ‘instrumental sessions’ mix, and put together with such care and attention, brings out subtleties, flourishes and nuances you might not have heard even on repeated listens.

Whether you’re already familiar with the album or not, this exclusive mix is as good as music gets, and should serve as a strong argument to visit or revisit one of the greatest hip-hop full-lengths of all time.