Philthy Rich has been recording and releasing music, and shooting and releasing videos, so relentlessly for the past year, his presence in our lives has been as palpable as it’s been wholeheartedly welcomed. There’s just something so infectiously sincere in his proclamations that you’re sure to be won over. And the rate at which he’s released the numerous mixtapes, EPs and street albums, means his development has been both organic but meteoric.

More than anything though, it’s the degree to which Philthy plainly takes himself seriously and the way that’s mirrored in how he is received by Bay Area rap fans, that really sticks with you (not to mention a catalogue bestrew with indubitably dope Oakland street bangers), with him now approaching the very front of the pack on the eve of the release of his most important album to date.

‘Trip’n 4 Life’, his second LP on SMC Recordings, will be in stores on Tuesday, 1st February. So we can now, sit back, relax (even if he won’t) and finally get a chance to hear the man himself, as well as key figures like Town Thizzness CEO Stretch and SMC boss Will Bronson, reflect on the journey so far.

Bonus videos: Plus, here are three visuals we posted earlier, all confirmed to be the album. Enjoy.