This is the moment Huntsville hip-hop fans have all been waiting for. A good portion of the material on this new compilation-posing-as-a-mixtape from the PRGz‘ (Dawgy Baggz, Mata, Jhi-Ali and Gunt) – brought to you by Traps N Trunks and DJ Booth – is some of that long lost Block Beattaz-produced magic that supporters of the SMS and Paper Route camps have been fiending for since way back in 2008 when it was originally advertised for release. You can read some of the back story in our exclusive interview with the Block Beattaz right HERE.

For now though, just relish in hearing some of the best music, old classics and new (seriously, ‘Keyshia Cole’ has been in constant rotation ever since it first dropped, and the Kash Kartel remix is fire!) to ever come out the south, with production from Fresh Prodeuce, Zaytoven, Raw Talent, Kash Kartel aka Arkitek, Ben Frank and DJ Benz, as well as features from ST of G-Side, Chester French, Big P.O.P.E. aka the King of Huntsville, King Kuma and Mali Boi himself from the Block Beattaz.


And if you haven’t already, make sure you go get the original Hood Headlinaz compilation, which features G-Side, Jackie Chain, all the Paper Route Records artists, as well as 6 Tre G, Mr Marcellus, AC Burna and many more legendary Alabama artists, right HERE.