Project Pat

Shouts to Haze for the No DJ of this. Been looking for a tagless version for a while now, as I just can’t seem to get enough of the mixture of Zaytoven’s frenetic electro plucks and Pat’s entering his traditional frantic hoe pulla zone (see: Chickenhead, Ooh Nuthin, Pogo Stick, and many, many… many more).

Project Pat ft. OJ Da Juiceman – ‘Freaky Hoes’
[|titles=Freaky Hoes|artists=Project Pat ft. OJ Da Juiceman]

And while we’re on the subject of The Patsta, it’s worth mentioning that, well, they just don’t make em like this anymore. Rappers be warned: all skits and definitely all posse cuts are judged against the below track from Project’s ‘Ghetty Green’ album. One minute you’re laughing (“Tommy? Hoe, get fresh? Is you crazy? Bitch you ain’t on my level; you need to get the hell out my muh’fuckin face hoe!” – *in high-pitched, I can’t believe you have the audacity to even breathe my oxygen voice*) and the next you’re curled up under your bed with demons tormenting your soul and Scan Man haunting your dreams… Frankly, it doesn’t get much bucker! Enjoy/Be afraid!

Project Pat ft. Three 6 Mafia, The Kaze & T-Rock – ‘Rinky Dink/Whatever Ho’
[|titles=Rinky Dink/Whatever Ho|artists=Project Pat ft. Three 6 Mafia, The Kaze and T-Rock]