Damn…I was literally just playing this song yesterday and talking about how Teena Marie was the perfect muse for Rick james as she always sang with that same unbridled intensity and disregard, making her one of the most soulful, and in my opinion, greatest singers in history. Depressingly she has now died at the too young age of 54, but like her mentor leaves behind a body of work that will forever remind us of her incredible talent. This is perhaps my favourite song of hers, (from my favourite album of hers – her debut ‘Wild and Peaceful’ produced by Rick James of course) and is the perfect illustration of why few could ever touch her for sheer passion. If you are unfamiliar with her work beyond the biggest hits (‘Deja Vu (I’ve Been Here Before)’ etc) I urge you to seek out her albums and discover why she will be missed, but continue to be treasured by so many, including Cash Money Records who signed her to their classics label during the last decade giving her a late career hit with the ‘La Dona’ album.

Teena you were truly incredible and we, your fans, are fortunate to have the music forever.