Ok, let’s get over the amusing name. Are we done? Come on, we’re not children. Anyway, Oakland’s The B.U.M.S. or ‘Brothas Unda Madness’, consisting of members E-vocalist and D. Wyze, were in my opinion a vastly underated group. They had a hit with ‘Elevation (Free My Mind)’ from their solid 1995 album ‘Lyfe N’ Tyme’. But my personal favourite is the video we have here, ‘Take A Look Around’ and the version you hear here is the Fredwreck remix on the flipside of the 12″. You should also try to dig out the Vinyl Reanimators Remix of this too if you never heard it. Also be sure to check their track ‘ Its A Street Fight’ from one of the best, but weirdest ever movie soundtracks, ‘Streetfighter’ from 1994.