In case you missed it, check out our footage of the now-ubiquitous Kreayshawn just two months ago performing her YouTube smash (nearing one million hits as we type) Gucci Gucci at the Audible Treats showcase in Austin, Texas. 

Shortly after San Francisco Thorobred representative and SWTBRDS Collective frontliner DaVinci stomped through the Audible Treats stage, and midway through a typically hypnotic live set by the recently MTV-featured gas master Roach Gigz, the soon-to-be-a-household-name Kreayshawn stepped on stage – dungarees turned down, crop top turned up and oversized Native American head chain dangling – and performed an unreleased song that had the crowd going bonkers (shout out Jason and the Chewing Gum Mob). 'Gucci Gucci' is without question Kreayshawn's greatest song to date, sampling her previous best work 'Bumpin Bumpin' and raising the stakes with an insanely infectious hook and quotables for weeks. If we're sure of anything, Kreayshawn is the future of music.