A New Year has dawned, but some things don’t change. In other words my love for the type of music contained on the existing 3 volumes of Real Man Music. Therefore after all our hedonism of the weekend, we thought it the perfect time to ease us into 2012 with ‘Real Man Music 4 – The Real Reloaded’

Carrying on the theme of the first two volumes (the third being a brief gender departure) this is once again a compilation of male vocal, emotional, quiet storm action across all genres with inevitably a healthy dosage of soul. There’s a couple of recurring artists once again – Kenny Loggins, Rick James etc who very much define the genre – alongside a mixture of well known and probably less well known tracks from anyone from George Michael to Enchantment and unquestionably some of my favourite records of ALL time (see ‘Varee Is Love’). To remain consistent I’ve once again ended with a track from Art Garfunkel from one of the albums I’ve played most throughout my life – much like most of the music contained here.

I’d like to once again give a massive shout out to Davey Boy Smith on the artwork and general support. Also to all the people who downloaded, shared, blogged and most of all enjoyed the first three volumes. Here’s the next instalment…


– Rob