Lonely_man back

This is the music I love and the music I play every day, all day.

Mixed last year, I shared it with a few people who I thought might appreciate it, but then let it sit on a hard drive for a while. However, after compiling and mixing a second volume (coming soon),  I decided to post it here and Davey Boy Smith was good enough to hook me up with this perfect cover . As the title and tracklist suggests this is what I call ‘Real Man Music’, in other words some male vocal, quiet storm action across all genres, with the only theme being, well..some emotional business. Whilst I’m sure you’ll know a lot for the all-time classics they are, there’ll hopefully be a couple that may become future classics for you and whilst mixed it’s also been trackmarked, so if you only have five or ten minutes you can flick to your new favourite slow jam! However, the true way to enjoy is in one sitting – kicking back as the likes of Maze, Leroy Hutson, Toto, Dennis Wilson, The Originals etc. bare their soul for you.

Enjoy and share.