We may be only a few months into the new decade, but I’m going to take this moment to release my special dedication to one of the very best of the last. The man behind hella Hyphy slumpers, endless West Coast classics, timeless ROC joints and just about a million other dope records – none other than super-producer and ‘King Of Slaps’Rick Rock!

Seriously, there are few producers who generate the same level of excitement as when I see Ricardo Thomas’ name in the production credits…the man just knows how to make music with that next level energy! Despite being around since producing for the legendary ‘Pac on his most legendary album, Rick Rock not only provided the definitive¬† soundtrack to the already Hyphy Bay in the mid 00’s, but is still making the most cutting edge music you can imagine as evidenced by his latest production for his long-time collaborator E-40. His work with 40, Turf Talk, Keak and his group Federation still seems like the future has been beamed back to us. ’18 Dummy’, for example, sounding otherworldly on the day I first heard it, now and no doubt in the next decade too. Not to mention all the East Coast heavy hitters he’s blessed with monstrous radio jams from Jigga to Fabolous from Erick Sermon to Busta and the rest. There are way more joints I could have included here, as his discography is deep, but this is just a selection of some of my personal favourites and perhaps some of his most significant. They’ll all slap the hell out of your system regardless!

For us at Southern Hospitality Rick Rock is a legend behind the boards and as the title suggests no-one can make the beat knock quite like him..enjoy!



p.s. Props to Davey Boy Smith on the artwork, trackmarking and all round help with the mix!