It's hard not to draw a direct parallel to the moment Mistah FAB brought Roach and best friend Lil 4'Tay on stage way back in 2007 to perform regional hit 'Git It' and the moment this April when Gigz himself brought a young Oaklander named Kreayshawn on stage to perform her then unknown now very known anthem Gucci Gucci. We all know how the story ended (or begun) for Kreay (peep our footage from her debut UK show, which I was honoured to be her DJ for), and with such immensely slapping, intensely bassy projects like this, his debut solo EP, which is entirely produced by the always electric C-Loz and finds Roach doing what he always does but just that bit better, his million-dollar deal shouldn't be too far away. This is essential. 

Download: Roach Gigz – 'Bitch I'm A Player' EP