There’s only so many incredible solo artists a region can produce, champion and support before someone at somewhere resembling a major reaches out and releases the valve on the pressure cooker of talent that’s bursting from out the Bay Area, California.

Until that day, we’ll stay consistently, constantly indulged in some of the most exciting, colourful, surface of the sun, molten lava hot music being made in any part of the world. At any time.

We’re talking the unaffected, unpolished thug angel J. Stalin; the heavily dreaded, scraper tire screeching chants of D-Lo; the one man spiritual movement, enigma and master of his own parallel universe, Lil B the Based God.

And as of right about now, hot on their heels, hungry as can be, and ready, willing and able to make a video and song feel as gargantuan as A Milli with about $999,000 less in budget comes the man, mind and mouth of Roach Gigz. Who, on the above embedded evidence, has now officially arrived.

Click HERE for that audio and HERE for some more.

‘Roachy Balboa’ the mixtape drops very soon. And his upcoming as yet untitled album on SMC/Fontana/Thizz City is out later this year.