In the run-up to the release of his ‘Roachy Balboa: Extra Rounds’ project, essentially the re-release of his excellent mixtape with five new tracks, all of which will be accompanied by a video (see Pop Off), we get hit with this genuinely heartfelt ode to prescription cough medicine. The title itself should convey all you need to know about the extent of Roach’s love for syrup, something he touched on in our exclusive interview:

Do you still pop Thizz and sip Bo? “I’ve been poppin since I was 15 or 16, that shit really catch up with you. I slowed down on it, I ain’t gone say I don’t pop no more, but I slowed down. And bo, it depends what you talking about, if we talking Promethazine Codeine, then I slowed down on that too, but I love my Dextro though, that Robo will really have you floating. I think they created that shit with me in mind, and I would like to take this time to thank them, whoever them is.”

Enjoy, and read the full interview right here. Photography by Chris Morocco of Movements In Media.
Taken on-set at Sugar Coated & Watered Down video shoot.

Roach Gigz – ‘Syrup Thighs’ (Prod. By Young Remedy)
[audio:Roach Gigz Syrup|titles=Syrup Thighs|artists=Roach Gigz]

Bonus video: