The Bay has quite simply been killing it recently, and with some major releases dropping in the next month we had no choice but to put together what we feel is a definitive mix of the best music from the region – whether it’s some super-sparse spaced-out jerkin slaps, chilled gangsta sounds from the Livewire Empire or just some next-level shit from D-Lo and Mistah FAB with an assist from the inimitable DJ Fresh. Every track on here slaps like Stockton’s finest Nick Diaz – that’s hard and often! Hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

Rob Pursey and Davey Boy Smith Present ‘Still Gone On That Bay’
01. ‘No Hoe’ – D-Lo
02. ‘We On’ – Mistah FAB ft. Pretty Black
03. ‘I’m So Dumb’ – Erk Tha Jerk
04. ‘You’re A Jerk’ – The New Boyz
05. ‘Sleepy Fuckin D’ – Sleepy D
06. ‘Git It’ – Roach Gigz
07. ‘Glamorous Lifestyle’ – Jacka ft. Andre Nickatina
08. ‘Antenna’ – Zion I
09. ‘18’ – D-Lo ft. Mistah FAB, Philthy Rich & Young Moses
10. ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ – J. Stalin
11. ‘Rockin Up Work’ – San Quinn
12. ‘Extortion Music’ – Philthy Rich ft. Lil Blood, Lil Rue, Shady Nate, HD. Jay Jonah, Stevie Joe, J. Stalin & Mayback
13. ‘The World Is Mine’ – Mayback ft. J. Stalin
14. ’50 Niggaz’ – J. Stalin, Lil Kev & Mistah FAB
15. ‘On Sight’ – Eddie Projex
16. ‘808’ – Traxamillion
17. ‘Ask About Me’ – J-Diggs
18. ‘You Don’t Hear My Tummy’ – Beeda Weeda
19. ‘I Need A Bundle’ – Livewire (Lil Rue, HD, Jay Jonah & J. Stalin)
20. ‘Superstars’ – Shady Nate and Jay Jonah
21. ‘Millionaire Status’ – J-Stalin feat. R.O.B.