Paris producer Roro, who you may remember remixed Lil Rue from Livewire's Google Me, and courtesy of the seemingly always on point Fusils A Pompe outfit came with a nice animated video for the occasion, is back with something more than a bit special. If you enjoyed the remix, let us just warn you that this largely instrumental compilation from Roro is seriously serious. Google translate Fusils A Pompe's release/diatribe/declaration of war for the project and you'll get an idea of just how insane the music might be. Actually listen to it and you'll be sitting there eyes wide, jaw dropped at some of the most vicious rap beats currently out there. Quite brilliant. Do not underestimate how great this shit is. 

Download: Roro & Fusils A Pompe – 'Charles Pasqua Money – La Chasse Aux Reptiliens'