The best way to describe Oakland creative conglomerate Kreayshawn would be a 2011 hyper-based, dubstep-infused (female)¬†Quasimoto. Another (only) slightly more succinct depiction would be one of the most infectiously euphoric individuals in music. However you portray her though, what’s undeniable is that she’s entering the scene (at least in front of the camera, having already directed videos for Lil B and DB Tha Muh’fuckin General) at precisely the right time. What with the #based movement as omnipresent as rain in England (sidenote: go cop Rain In England) this kind of offensive but frolicsome¬†stream of consciousness slap is in high demand. Also, crucially, the impact this project will have will pave the way nicely for the release (both onto the scene and out of jail as she’s inside for aggravated robbery) of Kreayshawn’s partner in rhyme V-Nasty, who is an absolute beast on the mic and in the streets. So get with the movement, cop the mixtape and peep Kreayshawn’s debut video again below.


Bonus video: