While nothing short of an extinction level event (or something called ‘Huntsville International’) is grabbing our attention away from His High-pitchedness King Boosie’s actually classic (historical fact as opposed to adjective) ‘Superbad’ album, DJ Fresh’s upcoming album proper, which is the culmination of years of putting great artists on even greater production is finally upon us. It drops this Tuesday and here are a couple of sneak peeks courtesy of Shady Nate, Beeda Weeda and Sleepy Fuckin D. Shouts to Ruga Ron for the tracks!

Shady Nate ft. Beeda Weeda – ‘CuzBlood’
[audio:CuzBlood – Shady Nate Ft. Beeda Weeda_www.southernhospitality.co.uk.mp3|titles=CuzBlood|artists=Shady Nate ft. Beeda Weeda]

Sleepy D – ‘You Maufukkn Rite’
[audio:You Maufukkn Rite – Sleepy D_www.southernhospitality.co.uk
.mp3|titles=You Maufukkn Rite|artists=Sleepy D]

And here’s the really, truly breathtaking tracklisting.

DJ Fresh
The Tonite Show
(Town Thizzness)

01. ‘The Tonite Show Album’ – DJ Fresh
02. ‘CuzBlood’ – Shady Nate & Beeda Weeda
03. ‘The Hardest In The Bay’ – D-Lo
04. ‘You Maufukkn Rite’ – Sleepy D
05. ‘Wit Da Shit’ – Beeda Weeda
06. ’18’ – Mistah F.A.B., D-Lo, Young Moses & Philthy Rich
07. ‘School’ – Raekwon & Mean Doe Green
08. ‘G Rap Stories’ – Kool G Rap
09. ‘We Still Here’ – Jacka, Mr. Town & Fed-X
10. ‘The Definition Of Gas’ – Young Gully
11. ‘The Town’ – Bicasso & The Grouch
12. ‘Them Youngstas’ – Too Short, E-40 & Biaje
13. ‘BMW’ – Mitchy Slick & Wrongkind
14. ‘Grown N Sex Me’ – Money B
15. ‘It’s On’ – Bicasso & MURS
16. ‘Semi Sag’ – Eligh
17. ‘GunRide’ – Killa Keise
18. ‘Transitions’ – Chris The 5th
19. ‘Can’t Stay’ – J Stalin
20. ‘Look At Lil Mama’ – Jazz & Lil Blood
21. ‘I Am’ – Young Gully
22. ‘DJ Fresh Outro’