After many weeks of suspense, finally the world can see exactly what UK club legend Sinden saw when he flew out to Huntsville, Alabama especially to shoot the video for G Like Me, his debut solo single and first official Mad Decent release. Director Pam Tietze, whose hand you'll remember from Brenmar's magnificent Taking It Down video, really pulled out all the stops here, renting a double-decker bus to tour the rural scenery and a hot-air balloon to get the beautiful, not-seen-before aerial shots of one of the south's most undervalued cities. G-Side as expected sound more epic than ever over Sinden's super-crispy, expansive production and the hook just won't leave your brain-space. The experience doesn't end here though. Mad Decent has packaged the release with some seriously serious remixes courtesy of Brenmar (whose version you can hear in the BBQ segment of the video), Melé, Hervé and Derek Allen – there's even a 5kinandbone5 remix floating around that recently got a rewind on Rinse FM and that we can confirm is one of the best as-yet-unreleased tracks of the damn decade. Damn. (Also peep the Southern Hospitality cameo!!)