As you can see from the Zane Cunningham photos used on this cover – 2012 has been an amazing year for Southern Hospitality parties and our incredible crowd know how to get it in every damn time! With the year drawing to a close we thought it only right to assemble together 30 of the biggest anthems in one 90 min mix to remind us of what we’ve been rockin to at all our events – whether it be Players Ball, HHK, Rated R or any of the many Southern Hospitality jams we’ve thrown around London and beyond. Music has been on a hype in general and the breakout stars of the last couple of years really made 2012 their own – so Future, Kendrick, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, French Montana, Chief Keef, Iamsu! etc are all heavily represented along with the rap establishment – Kanye, Ross, Drake, Wayne and the rest – who’ve still been killing it every opportunity they get. Not to mention records like the Southern Hospitality release ‘Blueberry’ by Darq E Freaker and Danny Brown that has been tearing up every rave in London and a few personal SH favourites like ‘She Ready’, ‘Pretty Hooligans’, ‘Hit Yo Ricky’ and the now massive ‘All Gold Everything’ (shout out DJ Diiiirrrrrttyy!). Hell, and we’re not likely to forget the impact that records like ‘Climax’, ‘Adorn’ and ‘M.I.A.’ have had and are still having on females and males alike – ha!

Anyway, we’ve had a blast this year and this is just a celebration of those epic late nights….and many more in 2013.