As we approach the first day in the first month of the first year in a whole new decade, a day that will see the release of G-Side's fourth studio album 'The One…Cohesive' – also the climax in the career crescendo of this critically acclaimed Alabama production team – we thought it appropriate to mark this milestone with a celebration of the work of a sound and brand that has been painting bass-heavy sonic portraits with interminable external influences for well over a decade.

The common denominator in the careers of Mike Posner, Yelawolf, Jackie Chain, Freddie Gibbs, PRGz, Big Sean and many more, in 2011, the Block Beattaz will reign supreme with more masterpieces that are intergalactic in reach but always southern to the core, plus some truly A-list international placements.

So Southern Hospitality joined forces with our good friend from over the North Sea, one of Norway's most influential tastemakers, a man who single-handledly created a market for Huntsville hip-hop in the Nordic Region, the one and only DJ Giraffo, to compile the first volume in our Block Beattaz mixtape series. London's Greatest DJ Rob Pursey, as ever, mixed the whole thing to perfection live, so the same love, care and attention that went into the original recordings is maintained throughout this project, giving 'Block Beattaz Volume One' the same organic feel as the living, breathing 4D audio masterpieces of CP and Mali Boi.

Whether you're a die-hard Block Beattaz fanatic or this is your first introduction to their work, we hope you'll love and live this music as much as we do, because when all's said and done it really doesn't get much better.


Cover art by Davey Boy Smith. Photography by R.Dot.