They say slow motion’s better than no motion, but there’s been nothing sluggish or lacklustre about the space-age assault waged by the Slow Motion Soundz camp on hip-hop, the world and indeed the fathomless multitude of solar systems and galaxies that exist inside our macrocosm.

The revolution will be televised? Fuck that, the revolution will be promoted, fronted and realised by Codie G, vocalised by ST and Clova, Bentley and G-Mane, Kristmas and Jackie Chain, 6 Tre Gangsta and Nate B, PT and AC, the Cole Boyz and the PRGz, and all this will, with any luck, be produced, executively and ever so technically, by the Block Beataz – the dopesickillest, most innovative and ethereal producers in rap (for hard evidence check Rob’s already classic Huntsvegas mix right here), who, we can announce, now call PT Prime Time an official, and if the ink’s even dry yet, tatted up, member.

But the revolution was never going to be localised. You’ve heard whispers and seen glimpses from ‘Huntsville International’, a project that is said to include what Codie G has described online and over the airwaves as the “best track he’s ever heard in his life” – and you’ve experienced before what even a conventional Codie G Co-Sign sounds like. You’ve seen G-Side’s aura (and its so many different colours), you’ve laughed inanely at Jimmy Heart’s Heart Beat (what up Jimmmaayyyyy?? *Drunk Bunk from The Wire voice*), and you’ve probably not felt like this since living through the Organized Noize-soundtracked era via Atlanta, Georgia or submitting to the Triple Six Mafia-monopolised, Mephistophelean movement from Memphis, Tennessee all the way up to Hollyhood and beyond.

Well now it’s Bama‘s time.

But before ST, CP (and probably the third two-letterer, PT), Codie and Dirrty – and whoever else is metaphysically ready for an intergalactic (well, cross-Atlantic) mission to the United Kingdom we call Great Britain – transport their particles to these great shores and shoot a groundbreaking video in front of Buckingham Palace, Southern Hospitality is proud to present to you, very exclusively, the universe’s first Huntsvegas/UK collabo. Southern Hospitality extended fam member Jepordise laced G-Side’s ST with some sounds from his soul, to which Mista 2 Lettaz just did what he does best: speak the realest shit he ever wrote through clouds of smoke to create another heartwarmingly authentic country rap tune.

Huntville International is coming to a city near you sooner than you think. But until then, Happy Huntsvegas HumpDay!!!

ST 2 Lettaz – ‘Alabama Kush’ (Prod. by Jepordise)
[|titles=Alabama Kush|artists=ST 2 Lettaz]

…and like any other HumpDay, today is full of leaks! So after you’ve collected your thoughts and calmed down from the exclusive dopeness above, take a minute to listen to some more Block Beataz produced future sounds, with words from Untamed and Lady Cee Cee.

Untamed ft Lady Cee Cee – ‘I Want U’ (Prod. by CP of Block Beataz)
[|titles=I Want U|artists=Untamed ft Lady Cee Cee]

And watch out for the latest, and purportedly livest, episode of The Heart Beat with Jimmy Heart, coming in a matter of hours!

And whatever you do, don’t miss Baller’s Eve‘s weekly radio show from 10pm-12am EST on East Village Radio. It is without a doubt the best radio show on any frequency. Baller’s Eve playa!!!