Remember that time? You know, that time when every week it seemed that you could pick up one of those Roc-A-Fella company sleeves and just know that the record inside was gonna ignite the club that weekend. You remember that? We certainly do, and this is our dedication to that time and more importantly the crew that provided us with nothing but the livest MCs over the livest jams for at least half of the last decade. This is in no way exhaustive as there are literally too many tracks out of the ROC camp we love for one CD length mix, but these are no doubt the ones that we’ve rinsed the most. Whether in the club, the car our walkmans wherever, this is a testament to just how dope Beans, Free, Peedi, Ye, Bleek, Cam, Young Gunz etc…and of course Jay, were. Not to mention the stellar producers – Just Blaze, Kanye, Swizzy, Timbo, Rocwilder etc. that soundtracked and energised the movement. Quite simply? They had it all on lock. From club riot starter to thug sentiment, its all here in full technicolor Roc-A-Fella glory from ‘Do My…’ to ‘This Can’t Be Life‘, from ‘Flipside’ to ‘The Truth‘. The ladies were involved, the fellas were wilin’ or as Jay put it best on’ Takeover’ – “R.O.C. too strong for y’all!” So really there ain’t much more to say that the title doesn’t. We miss the ROC.

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P.S. Once again I got to say a major shout out to Superix, not only on the mix, but on the super-dope design work once again!