Rich Kids Video Teaser from tabi Bonney on Vimeo.

If you’re not familiar with Tabi yet, then we could tell you how dude is originally from Togo, but now resides in Washington D.C. and his music is a perfect synergy of all his wordly influences with a healthy dose of personality, humour and dope beats and song concepts. Or we could just let these two videos speak for the man himself.

Either way, Tabi Bonney is staying firmly on the Southern Hospitality radar right now and as you’ll see in the final clip, he knows what’s up.

So basically, to get your mind right, make sure you cop the aptly titled CD  – ‘Dope’ – which features amongst other things a guest spot from other SH fave Curren$y, as well as the full version of ‘Rich Kids’. Plus for a good review and some insight into the album, check the Washington Post here.

Oh yeah, and major props to our man Brent @ ICED Media